Starting Point

Hi All,

I would like to share with you how I got my work placement 2 almost 3 years ago, and give you some tips if you too are looking for work experience to get somewhere in your life.

I have a theory… I used this in my personal statement when I applied to university…

‘Every person has the ability to think, the ability to put down on paper exactly what you are thinking is a gift; but to be able to have those words put into a magazine where millions of people are reading your words, sharing and understanding your passion for things is a dream and that is my dream and this is why I have decided to do journalism.’

‘I think that to have those words published in a magazine is what I was born to do. This is because I think every human is born with a purpose in this life and that purpose is discovered when a child is small and you a see a talent or a hobby developing within them; such as singing. It is then the parents job to support and push the child as far as possible to keep them developing. So that by the time the child is 20 they are at the top of their career path and have made it as a professional singer. I feel this is how you should live your life working hard and do all it takes to reach the top of that career path.’

So during my time when I was making my application for university, I went to see a career advisor as I had many questions going through my head about university and my career prospects…as journalism is soooo hard to get into.

To be honest when I left my appointment I was extremely annoyed, she was useless because I went in there with a lot of queries to see what I had to do to increase my chances of being able to get accepted onto a journalism course. However all the career advisor did was made me feel discouraged as she said I wasn’t part of the college magazine or had a placement so I was less likely to get anywhere…it really did leave me infuriated!

It’s kind of stupid because the whole point of my appointment was for her to guide and advise me…the thing is that when I get angry I go against what I hear or what people tell me to prove them wrong…

I went home, got my laptop and wrote a letter to a publishing company. I then pulled up good old Google and researched in the maps publishing companies in my area. I got the first 10 wrote their address on my letter and posted them. I also waited for enrichment to start at college and joined the college magazine!

The next is common knowledge, I waited for replies… of course I got most of them back saying no but then one day when I was at college, I remember this vividly I got a phone call and BINGO… on the other end of the phone was a publishing company, offering me work experience I was so happy.

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