Welcome to my blog…


A big welcome to you bloggers:) This blog will be my online journal of the work experience that I get, I currently work in a publishing company and if you were to ask me my title, I would reply ‘Work experience girl’ hence the title. I am currently at university in my second year studying BA Media Communications, and I am really into social media it’s a massive passion of mine, I have every account possible Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr you name it!!

So I decided to write a blog about it there are millions of blogs available about all sorts so why not write about this too, I also have 3 other blogs and hyper link them to my main one http://www.lifeisfunbeingme.wordpress.com so underneath each blog post you will see Also posted in …

Here are the links to my other 3 blogs if you want to check them out:

One on fashion… http://www.wardrobelife.wordpress.com/

Films… http://www.diaryofrosaaversa.wordpress.com


My personal blog about everything and anything… http://www.lifeisfunbeingme.wordpress.com

This blog will contain all of my experience so far and tips for you guys.

I hope you like it and find it useful, if you would like any tips on how to get yourself work experience drop me a message.

Much love


Also posted in http://www.lifeisfunbeingme.wordpress.com


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