I wrote this post when my blog  still didnt have a focus, the post is called DETERMINATION I think it’s important to be aspiring to want to do better, to have that determination inside you to reach the best of what you possible can, as you all know I want to write and work in a publishing company below is the content of my post… 

“I’m so DETERMINED to become a writer, it’s all I want and it’s been my dream for as long as I can remember, it’s just part of me. I really do want to become a serious writer and have a really good blog, although in this world today it’s so hard:( Especially with the virtual world of writing starting to slowly disappear! 

So I’m doing all in my power to stay one step ahead of the game, having work experience in a publishing company has helped me so much, especially as it’s also helped me decide my life path…I’ve decided once finished university I want to go into publishing, the receptionist there once told me that she wanted to make films and realised that once out of university no one is going to say, ‘Make a film for me.’ She said, ‘YOU NEED to do things your self…You need to make things happen!! I thought, ‘You know she has a point’ and she suggested to make a blog. 

At the moment I’ve just started getting into it so I don’t have something I want to always write about, right now its just anything and everything but I think there’s still time so I shall wait and see what field I shall become a professional in. 

For me my friends are super important to me that I listen to all their advice I might not always take it but I do listen, however I have a friend who studies photography and she said, ‘why not start a scrap book of magazine cut outs of things you like and annotate them so that way you can build up a portfolio so I’m doing just that! I’m starting off with More Magazine, it’s just amazing, I love it! Now that would be a dream come true working there, imagine the opportunities!!! At the moment I’m on the 4th Edition I’m doing the whole year. THAT my fellow bloggers I would say is DEDICATION & DETERMINATION!

I also think I will add in bits and bobs of what I write, although I would really like to write a book but I would not want to risk writing an idea on the internet to then be taken away from me so I might just update the progress if I ever find any time to myself, as university at the moment is such a top priority the work load is awful 😦 It may be summer before I start this project or maybe throughout the nights after all I do get my inspirations then.”

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