I really want this, I always have!

My absolute dream as I have mentioned before is to be a writer and I am doing everything in my power to try and make it happen!

I am on several social networking websites, I have a Blog, I’m on Tumblr, I’m on Twitter where I  follow journalists, famous people, & my friends I recently followed Jeff Jarvis who I quoted in my last essay his book was quite an eye opener to interacting with Digital Media today I think I’m going to re-take his book out of the library and read it.

I have been at this work placement for almost 3 years where I have learnt many valuable things about the publishing world. I will you tell you it has also helped me decide my career path, at the end of my degree I really really want to go into publishing. I have a real idea of how this world works, hands on experience and my dream has been brought down to a level of reality, I expected top editors, I suppose I just stereotyped it to Ugly Betty, but instead it’s a bit like this book I read and of her realisation of what the glamorous world of writing is really like, I can’t remember the name of the book, but I will comment on this post the author of the book if you are interested:)

I also use Polyvore which is really good for composition of magazine layouts which I am also intending on sticking into my scrapbook & I am making a scrapbook where I have stuck in and looked at a whole years worth or more magazine and sticking in other issues along the way.

Although I should be part of the university newspaper the campus is quite far from where I live but I think what I need to do is re-watch kid president and re-motivate my self it’s all about BEING DETERMINED! !!
And lets not forget I will have my education, my degree and a mass knowledge on media theories.

I’m bound to get a job right?

If you were an employer would you not hire me?! Be Honest.

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