Practice making coffee

I’m sorry but I have to admit I am one of those weirdos that doesn’t drink tea or coffee I’ve never liked it! However before I started university I did a  hairdressing course and with that came the task of finding work experience in the industry in total I have about a months worth of experience in the hairdressing industry. However I was just seen as a cleaner and not as an aspiring hairdresser or someone with potential. 

A tip that I would advise is ‘Practice Making Coffee’, part of being at work experience is you learn how to do the smallest jobs. You may think they are pointless but instead when looking at the bigger picture the smallest details make the greater and biggest jobs complete. For example when covering for reception and part of my duties as a receptionist is when there are meetings I need to prepare and make coffees so… 

– Learn how to make  Teas and Coffees
– Know that there are regular and decaffs

– Know what someone means ‘I’ll have a white coffee’ or ‘I’ll have a black coffee no sugars’ 

My Tip:

When you are having a break and you are in the kitchen to get a drink or in my case a water. 9/10 I find that there are colleagues switching on the kettle and making themselves a drink. Use this as a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY, if a colleague is in the kitchen SOCIALISE! Ask them what there up to, what there working on and if you can have a look show initiative, determination and wanting to get further. I think it’s key to socialise over a drink otherwise what was the whole point of Starbucks being invented. Last but not least for us sleepyheads and those not used to being in a 9-5 routine, coffee is a great thing to take advantage of it keeps you awake and  energised too 🙂

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