Remember: ‘No one is perfect’

Wise words indeed, ‘No one is perfect’. That is because it’s  true, you could always argue, ‘practice makes perfect’…but does it? I think the person that practices can always see room for improvement as opposed to the person observing can see perfectionist…

I want to make the point that when you get work experience it’s because you are there to learn, to figure out how an industry that you are interested in works. We are all human and all make mistakes I want to highlight the word LEARN, when you make a mistake you learn from it as to not do it again, so when you are in a workplace don’t give yourself such a hard time for making a mistake.

You weren’t brought up in this industry, so your not going to know every in & out to a professional business. I make mistakes all the time and I just learn from it, and try to be more attentive in what I do, it’s the only advice I can give and if you made a mistake with a work colleague, make sure you apologise and excuse your mistake…

Most of the time employers tend to be very understanding…so try not to worry & have fun with it, after all your in a work placement that you want to be in:)

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