Next is you need to RESEARCH

I wanted a work placement in publishing, so I went onto Google and typed in publishing companies in my area.I then researched them and looked at:

– Distance, if you get the placement how far away is it from your house?? How will you get there??

– What is the company’s focus?? For example I want to go into publishing, but there are tonnes are different types of publishing companies  i.e. story book publishers, magazine publishers, contract publishing etc. Which one was I most interested in and wanted to do?!

– Look at what department you are interested in, the publishing company where I work has 2 teams Editorial & Creative, Editorial do the writing and the content of the magazine. The creative team put the magazine together. I was always interested in the writing and in fact I always work with the Editorial team and on the odd occasion have worked with/done tasks for the creative side.

-Research the company itself…

  1. How long have they been open?
  2. Who runs the company?
  3. What products have they produced?
  4. Most companies today have Twitter & Facebook groups…it’s wise to check them out and see what they have posted
  5. Visit the company’s website and get a feel for what they do and whether it’s something that appeals to you

Once you have done your research, you can then Make Contact.

Good Luck:)

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