Start Small

I also got an offer to do work experience with the BBC, for those of you that are not English and read this blog the BBC is massive, it stands for The British Broadcasting Corporation and in every city there is a publishing house that runs the BBC channel for their own region. I thought given this opportunity that it would be amazing to be able to go and work there…

But then…

seeing as it’s so big I thought to myself would I get that experience that I would really learn from as opposed to being given just the ‘Shit Jobs’ excuse the french to do for a week before you leave having done someone else’s dirty work. Personally I thought I would gain more from a smaller company that would take me on to go in once a week and see what there up to, interact with them and get the experience I need to understand how this business & industry works and to build my way up the social ladder.Β 

To be honest I have, do you not think it sounds better to say I’ve worked in other companies before going to see if a big corporation will let me in?? Do you not think I will stand out of the crowd compared to others trying to make it big straight away? it’s like an aspiring fashion designer finishing university and applying to work withΒ Gucci…

I think it doesn’t work like that, I think you need to work hard before your given a break…that’s my tip πŸ™‚

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