Wednesday 27th March

Today I got into the office a half hour early and made sure I was dressed my smartest and looked most presentable as I cover reception, and when clients arrive in the office the first person they see is me.

Usually what I do, is the day before, I check if we have any important meetings or clients coming in as this work placement are very casual indeed with their dress code but I think it gives a better impression dressed for an office rather than wearing jeans don’t you think?

At 12 today there is a meeting with 6 people which I will need to prepare, this only consists of getting coffee, tea and biscuits ready in time for their arrival and to make sure I’m back at my desk so someone is there to greet them in reception when they arrive.

Another huge load of post arrived which I had to sort out, I gave out the post to the addressed editors, sorted out the competitions again and went back to working on these data competition entries I finished the first 800 from the other day…Yayy but I still have another 200 to go…

The rest of today will most likely consist of finishing to input this data entry…

I also forgot that Wednesday is Kitchen shop day… It’s nice to go and get some fresh air for 10 minutes  as I don’t smoke so I’m sat in the office all day apart from when I go and grab a bite to eat for lunch, it also woke me up a bit too as i’m feeling very tired today from having  a bit of a film night with my sister and watched ‘When Harry Met Sally’ such a classic.

When 4 o’Clock came it was time to frank the post and send it down, this is also really good experience cause I have learnt the differences between, recorded delivery and signed delivery… 

Whilst I was doing the data entry, the CEO came to reception and asked me to do some recycling for her…If I must admit, I feel really intimidated by her…she has such power…last year at Uni we had to interview someone at the top of a career in various topics, my one was in social media so I decided to do the CEO of the company, I had to do some background research on her too and look at things like their work history, she is like the ultimate student, I think everyone should aspire to being like her within a year of leaving university she got a job in publishing straight away as publishing director and worked there  for 10 years and then left for another Job as CEO… 


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