Wednesday 3rd April

This morning I got in and checked with PA’s assistant, usually the PA gives me my daily task but she is on holiday at the moment, so I’ve been conferring back and forth with the PA’s temp assistant. I got myself my water as I like to keep well hydrated throughout the day. Whilst waiting for todays post to arrive and see if there were anymore competition entries to input, to keep myself busy I carried on with finishing to file away the documents that I started yesterday and put them boxes so that they can archived ready for the big move. It took me till lunch to complete this.

As I was filing away the documents I kept a list of what was in each box, once I had finished I typed it up in an excel document so that the editors know where everything now is. I then allocated myself with half an hour to do these competition entries luckily there wasn’t Β much so I managed to finish it in time, the receptionist has now told me that I can only allocate half an hour of my time to do these competition entries as I have been put in charge with the mammoth task of sorting out the magazine cupboard…AGAIN!Β 

I cannot describe how many magazines there are, you literally cannot see the floor, last time I did this it took me 5 weeks but this is when I would come in on half days, I need to complete the bulk of this by tomorrow as the recycling goes on Friday mornings. what I need to do is, keep 20 copies of each issue, if the issue is more than 3 years old keep 10 issues and keep an entire box of current issues…

In the space of 10 minutes I recycled 3 bags and have not even completed 3/4 of a shelf…looks like I’m doing overtime today…

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