Thursday 4th April

This morning at 8:30 I was still fast asleep, thank God my dad noticed I was still in bed, and woke me as I would have been super late to work. I was really tierd that I put my alarm on snooze so many times in the end I went to get up but I fell asleep instead…

I managed to find a parking space and got to work just on time. I hate that feeling of being rushed, I didn’t even do my make up and literally inhaled my breakfast. I ran to the toilets put on some foundation and mascara and got to work…

Today’s main work task was to sort out the magazine cupboard as we are moving offices so for us general assistants it general chaos as we are trying to organise and do all the tasks that need to be done for the big move…

I started to finish sorting out the magazine cupboard there’s literally so much to do! Not even 5 minutes into it the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the office, it was quite scary as we are on the 13th floor and obviously in the case of an emergency you can’t use a lift, so we had to use the stairs. 

Once the fire alarm was cleared I went back to finish doing the magazine room, I can’t explain how small and messy this cupboard is, I was in this room for 8 hours clearing and sorting it out, that to amuse myself I built a fort with the cardboard boxes that had to be recycled… Kind of like this It was fun:). 

Tomorrow is pay day Ch-CHING… into the savings account you go for a well deserved summer holiday eeekk:)!

Tomorrows task is to complete these competition entries, lucky for me they are arriving in bulks of 50 at a time so it doesn’t take to long to input the data as I have so much other stuff to do as well, I have to finish sorting out this magazine room as tomorrow is recycling day…so the bulk of it has to be done, I managed to recycle 20 full bags of magazines and there is still a tonne left to go:(


finally it’s the weekend…I Never use this phrase but TGIF BABY!!!! (For those of you that don’t know what it means, Thank God it’s Friday)

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