Friday 5th April

This morning I snoozed my alarm so many times that I didn’t get up till Quarter to 9, miraculously I was only 10 minutes late but made up my time by staying 10 minutes later…It was one of those sleeps where you go to bed feeling fine and wake up with a DAMN cold urghh just what I need…

There’s not much to say about today, I spent all day in cupboard again finishing the magazine cupboard, I only wish I took a picture of what it looked like to start off with so I could show you how messy it was. It nice as well because I had my I-pod in all day it gave me the illusion time was going a bit faster. 

Before my lunch break the receptionist came and called me and asked me to go and buy some limes and sweetener as I forgot to buy it when I went and did the kitchen shop. The limes were for all the editors as there were plenty of Corona’s in the kitchen.

Before the day ended I wrote out my invoice for my hours this week and handed it in, finally the day has ended and it’s home time baby!

Also This always amuses me… I’m fined d d, I feel like her right about now… 

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