Monday 8th April

Today I’m back on reception cover, I took a million Beechams to try and get rid of this cold as I’m taking calls and I can’t be sniffing and sneezing all over the place…

This morning is slight chaos, I’ve been told I’m in all week which is good although I was planning on going back to my uni house tomorrow evening as I was only meant to be working till then. I feel a bit all over the place as I’m trying to organise what I’m doing…

I’ve checked the calendar for today and luckily there are no big meetings apart from editors meeting with editors within the office which means I can get on with these small yet time consuming tasks that I need to finish.

Today’s tasks are:

– Assisting editors with their own queries

– posting out some magazines for an editor, although this task is a few days old I could not find them in the magazine cupboard but now that it is tidier… I need to do this today TOP PRIORITY!

– Fill the printer with paper

– Making sure kitchen is kept clean, I tend to check this every hour.

– Collecting the post, handing it out to the addressed editors

– Counting Competitions

– Inputing data competition entries

– Unwrapping individual magazines and recycling them…I came across a few hundred when I was sorting out the mag cupboard so I put them in a To Do pile!

– Putting on & Emptying the dishwasher

– Frank all letters and packages and send them to go to post.

– Check heaters are turned off & Doors to WC are closed before I leave


of course, answering the phone and passing on messages…

Geez… I need a lucozade, Let’s get to work!

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