Tuesday 9th April

This morning I was 10 minutes late as I couldn’t find a parking space, it’s so annoying when that happens because then I get all under pressure and stressed out that time is ticking and I need to hurry up as I need to get to the office on time.

When I got in I informed the PA’s Assistant to let her know that I had arrived she asked me how I was feeling today, I said, ‘Fine.’ When she came over and spoke to me she said, ‘You don’t sound fine.’ Ok then be right back, time for another Beechams I  thought I sounded fine:(

Today I’m on reception duty again, it was quite hectic …


– Collected the post, there wasn’t much today

– Handed out the post

– Counted  the competitions entries

– Wrote up the competition entries

– Prepare Boardroom, we use the boardroom for the ‘Big’ meetings, this consisted of me making tea, coffee, getting some water bottles, biscuits and laying out everything in a specific way. I then waited for the catering to arrive with the lunch and then have to interupt the meeting to give it to them.

Strangest task, put wheels on a trolley that had arrived for preparation for the office move, so  it’s easier to move things around

– Finish tidying the magazine cupboard

– book taxi for editor

– Check the stationary cupboard and order stationary

– Put the dishwasher on

– Clean out the boardroom once the meeting had finished

– Get some magazine issues for the editor

– Ring the catering company we use for our meeting to receive confirmation for the order I put in yesterday for tomorrow as I was waiting for one and did not receive anything.

– Book another taxi for a editor

–  Finish doing mag room

As well as answering the phone and taking calls. 

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