Wednesday 10th April

I’m hoping today that i’m not on reception cover and that the receptionist is in as I really want to get ahead and finish this magazine cupboard, I’m kind of excited because the difference is amazing and it looks so tidy. Although at the moment I feel like the magazine cupboard is my office.

Also I prefer it when I’m in for general assisting as I don’t know what kind of tasks will be thrown at me and it keeps the day different and interesting.

I’m also slightly annoyed today as I asked my sister to charge my I-pod and  when I went to grab it this morning I noticed she put it in the I-pod dock and she didn’t turn on the plug so it didn’t charge 😦 so I’m possbily stuck in a cupboard all day without something distracting my mind 😦

In the end today’s tasks ended up being minimal as the receptionist was in yayyy 🙂

– I had to go out and buy sweetner, as the CEO wanted some and she didn’t like the one Available

– I completed the competitions entries that arrived

– handed out post to the addressed people 


– In and out of those Jobs I was in the magazine cupboard for most of the day. 

Fun, Fun, Fun

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