Thursday 11th April

This Morning once into work, I find myself back in the magazine cupboard, I feel like it’s my personal office and once I’ve finished tidying it up, I don’t want anyone to touch it, I want to be giving out the magazines that editors need. For those of you that have watched Red… this scene comes to my mind when Bruce Willis goes into a  room to request a file, the door is opened and then there is a guy stood in the middle who gives out the files. I did try to find the YouTube clip but none came up in the search result, so this example may not make sense to many.

Better yet I don’t know why I’m going on about it so much it literally is just a cupboard but it’s like my only accomplishment this week, hence why I feel so proud about how much more organised everything has become.

I had some waiting around time today for more magazine racks to arrive so that I could finish, during that time…I  had to individually unwrap magazines for the recycling as the plastic cover had to go in the plastic and the Paper in the paper, it was really time consuming 😦 at least i had my iPod today 🙂

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