Friday 12th April


Today i’m back on reception cover I’m not even a regular employer and even I’m feeling the stress of the office move partly cause I’m given a million tasks by the assistants to box everything up as well as doing all reception duties.

Usually I don’t mind covering reception. Today is a different story, I’m feeling quite stressed about it, my to do list is huge…

To do:

– Remittance Advice for the finance department

– Box up reception

– Collect the post

– Hand out the post

– Finish the magazine cupboard although that won’t be completed until Monday as I’m waiting on more magazine racks to arrive.

– Count competitions

– Input comp data entries

– Answer/take phone calls

-Request editors movements for next week

– De scale the kettle

– Maintain the kitchen clean

– Frank & send out post

– unknown tasks requested by editors through out the day such as book taxis for them, book meeting rooms etc. 


last but not least

– Put on & empty dishwasher

I really want to cry, I just don’t have the energy for today… 8hours to go, the countdown till the end of the day begins now and it’s only just gone 9:30…

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