Tuesday 16th April

Last night my roommates went to town and when they got back they made so much noise that they kept me up til 6AM, usually I tolerate it, if I don’t have to get up early as they tend to carry on partying at home once their night out has finished…

Only that this morning I had work, I was half hour late… I hate being late and surprise surprise, the only parking space I found was the farthest away as possible:( 

Originally this week I was meant to work Mon,Tues & Weds but am only doing today as they desperately needed me in and university at the moment is too important. I’m so grateful that this placement is very flexible with shifts. 

Once sorted myself out and I was ready to get to work me and the PA’s assistant had to box up the magazine cupboard that I had spent a week tidying up:(  it took us four hours to box this room up and once finished boxing the magazine cupboard there was still so much to do as all we only managed to box was just the magazines.

After lunch I counted some change up for the finance department…

The editors were also getting stuck in and clearing their desks away and also putting on a table all things they didn’t want to give away, one of the editors had a brand new green nail varnish umm… shotgun!

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