Thursday 27th June

Today really dragged, probably because I was so tired I couldn’t wait to get back home, it’s such a struggle for me to get up in the mornings as being a typical student I’ve got myself in such a bad routine that I cannot fall asleep before 1AM and what makes it worse is if I need to be up at 7 or before, I’m then exhausted hence today, although I would like to point out that if I do have to get up early, I will do it and get on with my day regardless… 

Today was quite a quiet day, there wasn’t much for me to do apart from obviously answering the phones…

Once I had arrived in the office, I got myself a water as you know I don’t drink tea or coffee and got stuck in with my role of being the receptionist for the day, today’s tasks were:

-handing out the post

-counting competitions

-Put some magazines away

-Signed a delivery for an editor

– Put on the dishwasher

-Empty the dishwasher

-Went to Sainsbury’s for tommorrow’s  meeting

-Frank and sent out the post

-Did the Recycling in the office 

Today was particularly good as the picture desk manager was free and was able to show me what she does on a daily basis, it was quite interesting to see how the creative side contribute to a magazine. I then had the opportunity of joining in with researching a picture for an upcoming issue and if my choices were good enough she would then put them forward for the chance to perhaps be chosen for the front cover of that issue.

Finding out what the picture desk do also helped me define what kind of area I want to go into when writing my dissertation for next year, we were simply discussing keywords when searching pictures, I had the mindset of going into the concept of Hashtagging but by simply discussing it, I sort of clicked on and it inspired me as I am really passionate about this!

Yayyy at least I can start writing it now or even just coming up with a title… 

Although I need to check if I passed second year:/ my login at the moment wont work for some reason but I’m pretty confident that  I did, the provisional scores were all a pass so fingers crossed! I’ll keep you updated….

Time for bed, this vile weather is making me feel depressed… Yawn!

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