Friday 28th June

Once got into the office and settled myself down, I checked the emails and seen that the PA asked me to go the shops as we were low on dishwasher tabs…

Today’s list of things to do were…

-Finish the picture desk task that they set me

-Book meetings for the editors

-Bind some documents 

-Keep the kitchen tidy

-Feel up Coffee and Tea jars

-Hand out post

-Counted the competitions

-De-scale the Kettle

-Put on and empty the dishwasher

-Frank and send out Post

-Emptied out fridge of any food that was going off

-Taking down phone messages, today I took down a phone message and forget to email it to the editor ASAP, leading me to forget who it was for luckily it was for the editors in the management meeting leaving me to being able to narrow it down… however I emailed them with the message and could only apologise for my mistake…

-I had to prep the management meeting which required to prepare the usual coffee, tea, sandwiches, plates, sugar, milk etc everything that you would expect to see in a meeting taking place over lunch. Once the meeting had finished I made sure to clean it out. Before the meeting started I also had to make sure I binded the documents required from the management team. 

-The PA came to check on me to see if I needed a hand with prepping the meeting but I had it all under control, she did however praise me for remembering to get the sweetner as the CEO prefers sweetner to sugar. 

Highlight of the day…
The editor who I mentioned yesterday that said was going to read my blog emailed me back with her thoughts on it. It’s really nice to know I’m not the only one that lacks in a bit of confidence when in a workplace as she too has felt the same. It was even more of an achievement for her to tell me that she thought my writing style was good and that she enjoyed reading it… I cannot explain how happy that has made me feel my confidence right now is soaring everything is falling right into place… 

She has also said that if I have any questions or queries with editorial issues all I need to do is ask, it’s nice to know that I’m not getting in the way and kind of  feel and am part of their team 🙂 

Pay attention to detail and pick up on things when in a work placement, it helps to make a greater impression than the one that you have already made.

When a phone message arrives or someone asks you to do something, do it ASAP or straight away avoiding you to forget or make any mistakes…

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