Monday 1st July

Today’s been very quiet and the days gone really fast too which is always a bonus! I also struggled a bit to find a parking space but managed to get to work just on time, seems like luck is on my side today… 

Today’s tasks consisted of…

-De scaling the other kettle 

-Hand out packages to editor

-Put meeting cups and plates away

-Check through emails for receptionist and forward any on to the relevant editors

-Count competitions entries

-Hand out post

-Put on & Empty dishwasher

-Tidy up the kitchen

-Book meeting rooms

-Had to do some binding

-Recycling at least today it’s not raining when I have to go and put it outside, I got soaked last time! 

-Frank & send off post, today one of the editors had a personal letter to send when this happens I frank the letter and then let the editor know how much it is, when I emailed the editor to let him know how much he owed he said ‘£0.47 for Austrailia??’ 

Guess my mistake… 

I assumed it was a UK letter, I then had to run downstairs go and get the letter and re-frank it, today luck was really on my side as the post man was late so I managed to send it off just on time once corrected my mistake!

-Finish the picture desk task, I never realised how much work goes into searching for a picture that goes in a magazine, you need to research a picture that has the following, (this only applies to a front cover photo as it’s the one that I am working on) Space for editorial content, picture license, copyright laws, pixelation, size of image and so on the list is endless and I thought it was like doing a Google Image search! 


Always double check anything you do! 

Yes I know the post is a bit boring I can feel it too as I’m writing it but it is what it is it’s a diary entry of work experience… 

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