Tuesday 2nd July

Today once I got myself my water, I sat down at reception and went through the emails to see if any had to be forwarded to relevant editors, once done that I then got into reception mode and followed through my duties for the day…
Today’s tasks entailed:

-Answering the phones (Obviously)

-Counting Competitions

-Signed for parcels that were being delivered

-Handing out post

-Booked meeting rooms

-I continued to carry on with the picture desk task to see if I could grasp the concept of how to research a picture good enough for a front cover photo, however I found this to be very hard and time consuming.

-I Made a tea for the CEO when she was in a meeting

-Emptied the dishwasher

-Tidied the kitchen

-Sorted out the PA’s list of receipt expenses which required me to organise and file them in date order

-I then called the dry cleaners to come and get the sofa covers cleaned as we had replaced them in reception

-Franked & sent out today’s post,  I did remember to double check all the addresses to make sure I made no more mistakes and Guess what there was a parcel going overseas and I franked it right yayy 🙂 

Finally the day has come to an end and it’s my last day of covering for reception so until next time…

Yours Truly, 
Work Experience Girl 

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