More Magazine Getting Too Close At The Work Do

You’re hungover and have a hazy memory of snogging the office hottie last night. But your not alone almost a 3rd of us will hook up with colleague at the work Christmas party. So here’s how to deal with it…

1 DO go to work the next day. Your boss will know you were partying until 3Am, so pulling a sickie will only make them mad. 

2 You can’t rewind the clock, so don’t beat yourself up about a drunken smooch.

3 Accept you will be the subject of office gossip. The good news is it’ll probably be forgotten come January.

4 Focus on your work. It will impress your boss and take your mind off the cheeky snog.

(This information was taken from More Magazine Issue 10th December 2012 Article ‘How being happy can pay off’ I did not write this! )

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