More Magazine Interview Tip No.1 Be Confident, you can do it!!!

There was news last week that a whooping 9/10 of us admit to being low on self -esteem. The good news is that confidence is a state of mind. Here’s how to fake it in four different scenarios…

1 If an interview makes your knees knock, the trick is to be prepared. Rehearse answers and visualise a successful outcome.

2 On your first day in a new job, get up extra early to make sure you look and feel good – and you’re not late

3 If you’re doing a presentation, have the key points written down and get there in plenty of time to have a run through. Remember to really take your time with it and don’t rush

4 If you’re at a senior meeting, find something out about those present beforehand, so you have something to talk about, just keep it work related

(This information was taken from More Magazine Issue 23rd July Article The Results are in! What’s Next For You?’ I did not write this )

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