More Magazine Interview Tip No.2 Ask Questions!!!

Sometimes in an interview, there can be awkward moments of silence. You shouldn’t always feel the need to fill it, but if you do, then here are some good questions to ask:

– Ask about future plans for the position you’re applying for – how could you progress in the role?

– Without sounding to nosey, find out what the company’s long-term goals are. Does it have new projects in the pipeline?

If Β you’ve done your homework on the perspective employer (which, of course you will have), you may have heard some industry news about them – for example, if they’re expanding into Europe, or they’ve appointed a new boss. Drop this into conversation.

– A good question to pose at the end of the interview is: ‘Do you have any reservations you can share with me about my skills or ability to do the job?’

(This information was taken from More Magazine Issue 1st October ‘Article Don’t let booze lead to work blues’ by Michelle Dewberry I did not write this!)

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