More Magazine Issue 1st October 2012

This post took me quite a while to write as this More issue was jam packed with 2 articles, one was about freshers and the other was how drinking alcohol and how it can effect your career…


I think when at university or aspiring for a career, it is important to have a good time but also to know when not to cross the line! I didn’t have the whole freshers experience, in my 1st year at university I lived at home and didn’t make many friends to be able to go out with all the time, in my 2nd year, I lived with 6 boys and my loan didn’t come in until Christmas, so until then I was pretty skint! I  do think that I kind of compressed all the nights into one because at my Christmas house party, I was completely smashed, that night I bought rounds for all my roommates and I live with 7 people!! I cannot put in words the dreaded feeling I had to check my balance the morning after… 

With Facebook being the biggest social network at the moment, it would be wise to be 100% careful what you post online when your out and about, I do post when I go out and have a good time because we are all entitled to it even if you party crazy every weekend it makes a bad name for yourself. So the key to it all is MODERATION.

My lecturer once told me a story about a class having a guest speaker who was an employer in the media industry, however what the employer had done before hand was he searched them all on Twitter. When in the class he asked if a ‘So & So’ was here and said to him you tweeted, ‘Urghh journalism is so boring’ ‘Tell me why I should hire you?’ 

Imagine that?!?! It  really made me think twice what I post online!


Boys will be immature, inbetweeners types:

Expect a weird flatmate:

Girls can make the first move:

You won’t starve, Honest:

You’ll Miss Mum. A Lot:


This is so true I always skype my sister as I’m super close with her and it feels like I never moved out 🙂

Things to do in the first term:


Your boss may be picking up the bar tab but don’t let them see you drunk and disorderly…

Cheeky glass of vino after work? You can’t beat it for a bit of stress relief even if our booze study suggest less and less of you are doing it regularly. But what some of us are guilty of is confusing after work drinks with the kind of night out you might have on a Saturday with your girlfriends.

I’m not saying you can’t mix your work with a bit of pleasure after all, you don’t want to be known as the boring new girl who never comes out to play after hours. But it’s when you add in a different kind of mixer to the office drinks – say a double vodka and coke – that there are certain things that you need to remember too…


When it comes to clinking the glasses with your colleagues after hours, there’s a simple rule you need to always bear in mind: never get staggeringly drunk at a work event. This still applies even if you’re friends with all your workmates. It can be a tricky rule to stick to when the drinks are free-flowing and the boss is picking up the bill, but trust me on this – being drunk and all the antics that comes with it is not a good luck in front of the boss. Ever. 


Never be the last person standing. By all means go to the party and have a great time but don’t feel the need to hang around till the very end. You want to have a clear head for the next day in the office and you also want to be someone who has more in their life than just work. 


When it comes to spying a hottie in the office, leave Andy in accounts well alone. Keep the office romance fantasies in your head and resist the urge to act out any of your feelings. If that sounds too harsh, and you actually have genuine feelings about a co-worker, arrange to meet them outside of the office away from your other colleagues and see how things go from there. Getting involved with someone senior or someone you work with closely nearly always causes problems. 


If you have a ‘plus one’ for the party and you decide to take your boyfriend along, try to keep your hands to yourself when your colleagues are around. Otherwise your PDA’s may end up being the topic of conversation the next day at the photocopier. 


When it comes to work chat over a few glasses, don’t let your lips get the better of you and cross a line. You may feel it’s a great opportunity to bring up issues in the workplace in an informal setting, but you may end up seriously offending someone.


It may seem like a great idea to show everyone your side splits party trick after a bottle or two down the pub, but with iPhones attached to everyone’s hand, it might come back to haunt you the next day

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine articles ‘Uni: Your Survival Guide By Russell Howard’ & ‘Don’t let Booze lead to work blues’  in Issue 1st October 2012, I did not write this!)

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