More Magazine Reader Q&A Second Job

I’ve taken on a second job to get some extra income. I work full-time Monday to Friday in an office and then at a pub for five hours on weekend nights. Do I need to tell my first employer that I have a second Job? And do I need to tell the tax office? Jules, Kent.

Michelle says: Good for you! First check the contract of your office job. Some employers don’t want you to work anywhere else and will have written this in your terms and conditions.Find out if your paying the right amount of tax. Because you’ve got two jobs, they’ll have different tax codes. Phone the tax guys at HMRC (0845 300 0627) and explain. They can check you aren’t under (or over) paying and tell you which forms to fill in. Also, if you’re working over an average of 48 hours a week, then you may need to fill out an opt-out form with your main employer to say you’re happy to do this. 

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article ‘Find your perfect Career Fit’ By Michelle Dewberry’  in Issue 3rd December 2012, I did not write this!)

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