More Magazine Reader Q&A Confidence Tip

I recently started worked at a little fashion boutique. I love it there, but I’m keen to improve my confidence when approaching customers. For some reason I get really scared and feel nervous. Any tips? Annie, London

Michelle says: The first thing to remember is that YOU GOT THE JOB! Out of all the people that applied,  the boutique chose you. They picked you because of your abilities and because they felt you were right for the store. Take some confidence from that. See the customers as ‘people’ if it helps, rather than customers. They’re just like you. And, actually, you’re getting them when they’re in a great mood (indulging in a spot of retail therapy). Remember that you deserve to there and that you rock.

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article ‘Ace that big interview without breaking a sweat By Michelle Dewberry’  in Issue 12th November 2012, I did not write this!)

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