More Magazine Issue 14th January 2013

As this issue was a January one and we all like to get rid of the old and start afresh it had some handy tips on how to do just that in the work world….

Make over your life… 

Time to get a new job if…

– You start dreading Monday morning on Saturday afternoon

– The highlight of your day is the five minutes it takes you to eat your lunch

– You’ve mentally shouted ‘I Quit’ to your boss at least 40 times in the past week

– You can do your job with your eyes closed and no longer feel inspired

– You constantly moan and complain about work

How to shake it up

Don’t let work overtake your life

‘Write down how much time you’re spending at work and how much you’re seeing friends and family’, says More!’s career expert Michelle Dewberry. ‘If your not happy with your work/life balance, set yourself goals to sort it out. Use to send emails to yourself from the future, so you don’t forget your goals or give up after a few weeks.’ 

– Learn to love the job you have

Day to day, time-manage your worst jobs and reward yourself with treats as a motivator,’ suggests behaviour expert Judi James. ‘Also, try to go cold turkey on the continual whinging about work. Just sounding more positive can help you feel better.’

– Try something new

If you’re not happy, but not sure what else you’d be good at, try volunteering. lists volunteer work in your area, from helping out at hospitals to fundraising. It’ll look great on your CV and might even inspire a career move. Or look into evening classes and retrain. 

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article ‘Make over your life’  in Issue 14th January 2013, I did not write this!)

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