More Magazine How To Get Headhunted

Headhunting sounds scary, but it’s just the term used to describe what happens when recruiters and HR departments are chasing after you. Here’s how to increase your chances of being talent-spotted…

– Get yourself noticed by being at the top of your game – work hard and strive to be the best at what you do.

–  Raise your profile. Attend events outside the company to meet possible contacts, contribute to magazine articles in your sector, and network like crazy. Have professional business cards and give them out to everyone.

– Find out who the headhunters are in your sector and contact them. Suggest you meet for a coffee to chat through who you are and what you’re looking for. Be clear on the value you’d bring to a company and give examples of your achievements

– Use the networking site Linkedin. List your accomplishments clearly and send headhunters connection requests. Good Luck!

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article  ‘It’s all about the presentation’ by Michelle Dewberry in Issue 4th February 2013, I did not write this!)

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