More Magazine Reader Q&A My Grade Is Stopping Me Getting A Job…

I got a 3rd in my history degree last year. Now i can’t get a job and I think that might be one of the reasons why. I was thinking of saying I have a 2:2 on my CV. Do you think it matters? Or is honesty the best policy? Marie, Newport

Michelle says: This is a tough one. I totally get where your coming from, as I was in a similar position to you once. I lied on my CV and said I had qualifications I didn’t have. I got the job I wanted, but I spent everyday practically feeling sick as I thought I’d be found out. HR kept asking for copies of my certificates and I kept having to make up lies as to why I couldn’t provide them. It was horrible! If I was put in that situation again, I’d leave the grade off my CV (although that’s hard on the application form), then talk about it at the interview once I had a chance to give a good first impression. But I wouldn’t recommend lying – it’s just not worth it.

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article  ‘It’s all about the presentation’ by Michelle Dewberry in Issue 4th February 2013, I did not write this!)

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