More Magazine Go Think Big Issue 11th February 2013

Land your dream job with the help of

Our team at Bauer have put their heads together with the experts at O2 to set up GoThinkBig, a campaign to help young people like you find the right job. So if you’re looking for your big break, head to – a one-stop shop that gives you helpful ideas, advice and much-needed support so you can figure out the right career path for you. Why? Because we know how tough it is out there. To kick start your search, we’ve got some expert CV tips, as well as real advice from employees on the street…

What advice would you give to job hunters? We took to the streets to find out…

Veronica Ely, 23, a singer and songwriter from Essex
‘Get experience. Everyone’s CV looks the same, so you make yours stand out from the crowd by giving proof of your amazing skills.’ 

Georgina Childs, 25, a writer from London
‘Always tell the truth! Also, it’s so important to have your phone number amd contact details on there – you’d be surprised how many people forget to include those.’

Emma Allwood, 19,  a part time office assistant from London
‘Put relevant work experience on there, and do something to make it stand out, like highlighting your significant achievements’ 

Hannah Brager, 20, a shop assistant from Sweden
‘You need to have a simple, easy-to-read CV – don’t fill it with everything you’ve ever done! I always ask a mate to check the grammar too.’ 

Lucia Walker, 29, a journalist from London
‘Keep your CV to one page in length. Make sure it’s relevant too, containing only things that are specific to the job you’re applying for.’ 

Emma Clarke, 21, a student from Portsmouth
‘Extra-curricular experience is important, as it shows you’re a well rounded person, not just an academic and mention your blog if you have one.’

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article  ’o2 Partnership Get your foot in the door’ in Issue 11th February 2013, I did not write this!)

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