More Magazine Issue 18th February 2013

In this issue Michelle Dewberry helps us decide our career path by taking a simple personality test… 


The average person in the UK spends 1,647* hours at work every year. If you don’t love your job, time will fly by, but if you don’t, it can feel like you’re watching the second hand until home-time every day. While some lucky people land their perfect job straight away, it might take others years to figure out what they want to do. The good news is there’s no reason you can’t have a job that reflects your strengths, personality and skills, and that you enjoy. When I think about the people I’ve worked with, there seem to be five key workplace personality types – so I’ve created a quiz to help you work out the type of job that’s right for you. But, before you start, here’s a couple of things to remember. We’re always developing and changing, so there aren’t any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers – you may get different outcomes at different times of your life. Also, if you don’t get the answers you want, don’t forget, these are broad suggestions – it’s up to you to make your dream happen. So keep this quiz and do it again in six to 12 months when you need to refocus your goals. You may be surprised by the results…

1 Which type of holiday appeals to you?
A Spending time with your family – at home or abroad
B A fun – packed two-week adventure
C Anywhere – as long as you experience something new
D A weekend away in venice
E A staycation – you’re saving your cash for something special

2 What’s on your desk?
A As little as possible. I keep clutter to a minimum
B My mood board and photos of my family
C Artwork, books, snacks and random stuff
D An organised filing system and my diary
E What desk? I don’t have one

3 Your boss asks you to do a task you don’t like. What’s your first thought?
A Ugh – can I have my P45 now please?
B I know I could manage this differently
C It’s work – I’ll find a way to make it fun
D It’s dull, but i’ll get it done
E I’ll get on with it all experience is useful

4 You have an essay for college due in two weeks’ time. What’s your approach?
A You’ll pull an all nighter the day before
B Finish yours the week before, then help your mates with theirs
C Work consistently for two weeks – you always give everything 100%
D Spend weeks researching but only write it the night before
E Form a study group and tackle it together. 

5 Which most accurately describes the way you’d approach a trick work task?
Get stuck in and do something practical
Ask others who have worked on a similar project what they’d do
C Write a to-do list
D Have a brainstorm with other members of your team
E A mix of all the above

6 You’re asked to lead a team project for the first time. How do you feel?
A Bring. It. On. you’re a born leader and this is your chance to shine
B Worried – what if you can’t give people the right guidance for it to be successful?
C It’s a chance to see how other people work and build your skills
D It’s easy. You’ll just delegate tasks
E Like you have to do everything yourself

7 What’s your attitude towards money?
A As long as the salary’s right, I’ll do the job
B I want to make money for myself, rather than a big company
C A fulfilling career is more important
D Having a family is more important
E I want to earn money, but helping others is important to me, too

8 How do you make the big decisions?
A I trust my gut instinct
B I do whatever is the most logical
C I gather all the info I can, then make an informed choice
D I listen to others, but I won’t be dictated to.
E My choices don’t just impact me – It’s important to keep everyone happy.


1 6 4 2 8 10
2 4 6 8 2 10
3 10 4 8 6 2
4 8 2 4 10 6
5 6 2 4 8 10
6 4 2 8 10 6
7 4 10 8 6 2
8 8 10 4 2 6

18-30 Points THE TEACHER
You like to help others achieve their best and while you’re creative, you also like having structure in your life. You will feel at your happiest when you’re guiding others.
JOBS FOR YOU: Teacher, fitness instructor, police service, psychologist

31-40 Points THE ORGANISER
You’re organised and you’re great at leading others. You might have to start at the bottom but, once you reach the top, your persuasive powers mean your earning potential will be high.
JOBS FOR YOU: Event manager, accountant, lawyer, company CEO

41-50 Points THE CARER
You love to look after others – it’s probably something you’ve done since childhood. You take a logical approach to life and, when faced with problems, you take action to solve them.
JOBS FOR YOU: Dentist, nurse, vet, youth worker, counsellor

51-64 Points THE CREATIVE
You’re brimming with ideas – the only trouble is putting them into action. You aren’t worried about earning cash and your main motivation is being happy and fulfilled.
JOBS FOR YOU: Writer, actor, public relations officer, make-up artist

You combine creativity and leadership with a practical approach, and what sets you apart is your drive to get things done. Running your own business would be the ultimate for you.
JOBS FOR YOU: You can work in any field, as long as you own it.

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article  ‘Destination: Dream job’ by Michelle Dewberry in Issue 17th February 2013, I did not write this!)

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