Thursday 18th July

Once got in I checked the competitions box and counted 400 more competition entries that I then have to open, I got on with finishing my task of opening every single one. When it got to lunch I pretty much inhaled it as I wanted to get this done quickly so that I can start to input the competition data, plus it always helps if you have eye of the tiger on your i-pod spurring you on!! I also counted and sorted out the other minor competitions for the different magazines that we publish. 

Today was a pretty good day as the highlight of the day was one of the editors bought ice cream and was in the kitchen making everyone ice cream with sprinkles on just what we need in this heat! 

I helped out the receptionist with tidying the kitchen, putting on and emptying the dishwasher and did the kitchen shop. I’m happy to say that I managed to finish opening all the competition entries time for inputting tomorrow yay…. 

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