Expand your contacts…

I cannot express how important it is to try and follow in my footsteps such as gaining work experience and following all the tips that I advise you to do! Many people I have spoken too seem to be impressed or amazed that I have managed to do all of this…. Maybe I sound a bit cocky or in your opinion I am doing it wrong and you can do it better or maybe I could do more!


because of work experience I have become quite good friends with the receptionist who has a passion for making films and said to me that I too should pursue what I like because no one is going to hand it to you! So she makes films & I write no tells me to, I just do it! I got into blogging as an editor I work with introduced me to WordPress. I now attend blogger events in my city, where I have the chance to meet new people, interact and network with others who also blog & write. At the first blogger event that I went too, I met the PR team of my city’s shopping centre who have said to me the opportunity is there if you want to get some work experience with us! I would be a fool not to take it!! This could lead to more opportunities my only advice to you is once you’ve got your foot in the door hold onto what you can and from there you will only blossom…

I will be eternally grateful to the PA of my placement for not throwing my letter asking to come in for work experience away and instead giving me that chance. If they would have said no I would not be here today writing to an audience who I know is out there reading my words!




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