Friday 26th July

This morning I wrote up my invoice for this weeks hours and handed it in, I then opened emails and (ICAL) the agenda for the day…

– There was an email from one of the managers stating that he would not be in today ,so I made a note to take all messages for him and email him as he would be working from home. 

– I carried on with updating this excel contact document as well as going the competition entries

– As the promotion prize has still not been sorted I have been following up with the competition winner, however the editor that was guiding me with this task is not in today so I’m a bit nervous about dealing with it on my own but to be honest it’s quite fun at the same time to be doing something different. 

Finally I’m task free, time to get on with this data entry…

As part of the receptionist duty the following was done for the day ahead…
-Booking meeting rooms
-Hand out post
-Prep water for a meeting
-Counted competitions
-Put competitions away in relevant boxes
-Frank & send out post
-Keep the kitchen tidy
-Empty & put on the dishwasher
-De scale the kettles

Most of the afternoon consisted of me doing the competition entries apart from having the odd break with doing some of the reception duties…

Also the PA has gone home and has left me to run the phones alone, I find this a bit nerve-racking as she is my point of reference when I don’t know who to direct the call too…

I’m happy to say that this promotion has finally been dealt with and has been brought to a close, hopefully the receptionist will be pleased it’s done as I have sorted it out for her in her absence

I also got talking to a girl in the office who was on work experience here as well but hadn’t had a chance to talk to her, she was saying to me that she’s doing a degree in English but has no idea what to do after university. I said to her that it’s so important to get work experience because it can help you to decide in what direction you want you working life to go in just like it has for me.

Back to data entry competitions & with that it’s 1800 done… 2500 left… yay it’s finally the weekend…

See you on Monday! 

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