Wednesday 31st July

As soon as I arrived once again I got myself my water and threw myself straight into working mode as I have so much data entry left to do… 

The CEO asked me to buy her some pretend medals today when I had the time as tomorrow the office is going on an away day which I imagine is where they build up on team working exercises and similar things like that. As I am just a work experience girl I am not going therefore I am covering the phones for the day. I barely had a lunch break as none of the shops near the office sold fake medals so I had to walk into the centre and try a fancy dress shop, luckily they had them!

Back to comps if I have no more distractions I should get loads done today! 


I’m a work experience girl so the following task was given to do… 

-Kitchen Shop

At the end of the day I then went over tomorrow’s schedule with the PA as I’ll be one of the employees in the office along with one of the freelancers. I’m so glad that the PA said I can park in the garage which means I don’t have to stress with looking for a car parking space in the morning! Yay :)! 

I’m finally in the 3000’s with the data entry, I never thought I would see this day come…. 1000 left! 

I would like to mention that I am feeling incredibly happy with my work placement, it’s such a fantastic place! I’m feeling really positive as I’ve really got out there and asked editors to be involved a bit more. Part of the reason is that I’ve been able to join in with a bit of the office banter as well as I’m not sat in the reception area which is a bit secluded from the rest of the office making the day that bit more enjoyable! 

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