Thursday 1st August

As its the away day no one is in the office so I thought I would do the tasks left for me to do from the receptionist and finance department. Once done those I can then crack on with these competition entires although their is not much to do today as no ones in apart from

– Remittance advice

– Frank letters ready to send

– Send off post

– Office recycling

– Put the dishwasher on although as i’m the only person in along with a freelancer I doubt that this has to be put on to wash one plate it can wait till tomorrow… you know let’s save the world!

– See if there is anything missing from the stationary cupboard so that the reception can order it tomorrow

– Look out for promotion email replies for the reception of which if any agree, to ring her and let her know by leaving a  voicemail that they have answered her query

– Start working on the test pieces, I am absolutely terrified of writing these as this is my big chance to show them that I should be here and that I will be a writer! I’m going to start with getting a copy of the magazine issues and read through them so that I can get a feel for the writing as I dont have much knowledge on the companies themselves! I then will crack on with each exercise I have 4 hours to write about 6 articles wish me luck I’ll let you know how I got on tomorrow!

OK I lied there is lots to do, oh and count the competitions that arrive today, hand out the post & leave the receptionist a note of all that I did today to update her – I took my editors advice! See I feel I am progressing as I learn all the time!

phewww the day is over…

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