Friday 2nd August

This morning I gave the editor who’s husband is a computer genius to look at my laptop, fingers crossed I haven’t lost any work on there!!! 

I actually managed to get in at half 8 as it’s flexi Friday, it means I get to leave at 4:30pm instead of 5:30pm yay!! This rule actually applies to me I double checked!! 

I wrote up my invoice for this weeks hours, handed out the post and counted the competitions, after that I carried on with typing up the entries although I will admit I was losing a bit of motivation today! Nothing a bit of Eye of the Tiger can’t fix!! 

I also got my feedback on the writing pieces I did as the manager is going on holiday for the next 2 weeks he said he will book me in for to come in and we can spend some time going over it rather then just having a brief convo over it! I’m quite grateful for this as it gives me more time to write it and a deeper understanding of where I can improve! 


See you on Monday


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