Tuesday 20th August

Today was amazing, I love going into work placement and not knowing what to expect out of the day… once I got in I waited for the PA to arrive. She then introduced me to using KeyNote. She asked me if I have ever used this software, I replied with, ‘No.’

I would like to state that I am really good with picking up on new things, I have never understood people that give up on the first obstacle. Such as KeyNote seemed similar in ways to Photoshop and InDesign, so I used my knowledge I have from them to apply it to using KeyNote. It’s all about trial and error when learning to use new software’s, it’s about familiarising yourself with where everything is before starting to use it. 

The PA explained to me how she used it so as soon as she opens KeyNote she opens up the inspector which is just the Tool box that has everything inside, followed by opening up the colour pallet and the font. 

Today’s task was to fix the business credentials PowerPoint showed to future clients. To me it’s such an achievement to know that I am going to be working on this and to know that the finished version will completed by me. 

To start off, I opened all the information all the editors passed onto the PA which she then passed on to me and pasted the information to the relevant slide and made sure that they were all up to date. After I did that it was time for lunch, I was a bit slow to start off with clicking onto the KeyNote finding the right slide pasting the information and going back onto the emails. I even learnt what A ZIP file is when attached into an email. This is when files are compressed/squashed in so that when you download it, it creates a slide with all the relevant information inside such as Word Docs, PDFs & Images.

After Lunch I started to construct the presentation, I never realised how much work it is, from now on at university I am going to put in twice as much effort as a good presentation can make all the difference to aiding you with the point that you are trying to get across.

I had to make sure that Large, medium & small images were all the same size whether it was the height or width so that the presentation had consistency throughout (see F.A.C.E below.) I made sure every picture had the same shadow density, the font had the same colour and density, every piece of text was aligned to the same X,Y co-ordinates throughout and so on. Whenever I made a mistake or seen room for improvement on a slide I then had to go to the beginning and make the same change to every slide.

I even learnt how to edit a picture (crop) on Keynote which is called ‘Mask.’ I also learnt how to fix a picture that has a transparent background by putting a white sheet underneath so when looking at the image, it’s easier to engage with. 

It’s strange but in an 8 hour working day you can learn tonnes!! I managed to pick up on Keyboard shortcut’s such as:
Apple + I = Italics
Apple, ALT + C = Copy Font Style
Apple + A = Select All
Apple, ALT + V = Paste Font Style Copied

I learnt what the concept of F.A.C.E means:
(This concept needs to be shown throughout the slides for a good presentation.)

I also learnt new terminology such as Widow Words & NB = Note Bene. Widow Words are when a paragraph is finished with one word and it’s left on it’s own whereas NB (it’s Latin) simply means To Note.

I’ll be completely honest, I felt a bit stressed when working on this presentation as I had never used this software before and I am still a work experience girl working with a company who has a certain standard that they all aim to, including me when I’m there.

I’m proud of myself that I managed to get 90% of this presentation done which to me was such an achievement as I had never used this software until 8 hours ago BUT let’s be honest after spending 7 hours straight on it I was bound to learn a lot.

See you tomorrow!

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