Wednesday 21st August

Today consisted of me tweeking and carrying on from yesterday’s presentation. Once I got in I waited to be allocated a computer to work from. After taking a break from the presentation for a day I rearranged some of the slides as I wasn’t convinced with the composition I settled for. 

I asked the PA to go over text alignment with me as I didn’t understand what it meant for example I clicked the option for the text to be aligned upwards and therefore did the same for every slide but I didn’t understand what that option did. I now understand the difference between it being aligned upwards, downwards and centred… the removal of the text inside the text box influences the direction in which way the remainder of the text will go. 

I like to think that I am very organised, especially when at placement and I have to get certain things done in a small amount of time. Once I was happy with the presentation I printed it out and labelled the slides in order that they went and editors that wrote them. Alongside I got some of these clips… (I don’t know what there called.)


With some sticky notes and labelled them:
– To edit
– Approved
– Pending Images
– Emailed to editors away

I then handed out the slides to be to be approved by the editors and to wait for the updated versions by them to then make the changes on the KeyNote document. By the time I had done all of this it was home time. I then passed on everything back to the PA and explained how I had organised the slides just in case I won’t be in tomorrow as I have some family stuff to do in the morning and am not sure how long I will be. Luckily they are really flexible with things like this and said I could come in for a half day. 

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