Thursday 22nd August

Today I was only in for half a day, as I had some family stuff to do in the morning. Once I got into the office, I finished collecting the updates from the editors so that I could update the keynote document. I must have gone over this document a million times, to make sure it was perfect.

After making sure the font colour was the same colour, I did the same with the dimensions of the images and that everything was aligned. Once I did that the PA suggested to print out the document and to look at it in from a hard copy form as sometimes you pick up on details that you don’t see in the screen. Some of the slides I rearranged the composition as I didn’t like the way it looked as it appeared to make the slide look messy.

This week has been really good for me in the sense that I have learnt something new and can add something extra onto my CV. By using keynote I learnt the importance of F.A.C.E Font, Alignment, Consistency, Engagement when making a presentation. This week really tested my knowledge on everything that I have learnt in media at college & university. I think I dealt with this week very professionally especially as I had never used this software before and put to use everything I had learnt about media language. I am proud of myself to say that the PA was happy and impressed with the work that I had done and hopefully I will be able to use keynote a lot more. I am definitely going to be using this software a lot more next year at university for assignments that requires presenting your work in front of the class.

I then wrote out my invoice for this weeks hours, I’m also very excited as next week I will be working with another magazine… eeekkk even more experience as well as doing something different. See you then! 

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