Wednesday 28th August


So today once I got in I was updated with what I had to do followed by the receptionist asking me to go and buy orange juice cartons for 2 meetings as they had 2 big clients in meetings have to be perfect presentation says it all. After my quick walk to the shops I sat down at my allocated desk ready to start my task, what I had to do today was go through all the issues the magazine I was working with had published and look for the success stories featured inside. I then had to get the PDF’s off the server copy them into a folder and then name them accordingly. Once I had finished that I then had to burn the files on a DVD. (However I would like to point that the editor did this as I didn’t know how to do it.) Once the files were burnt onto the disk I popped it into a case put the case into an envelope, franked it and wrote the address to the client it had to be sent to. You won’t believe it but I drank my first tea today… I wasn’t feeling too well and the receptionist suggested to have a fennel tea, it tasted delicious… mmm I might end up become a tea addict… Oops!

– I also helped out with emptying the dishwasher this morning as the receptionist was slightly stressed so seeing as I do generally assist all parts of the office I gave her a helping hand.

I also went to the bank to change up some money for the finance department

As I finished my task early I then did some editorial research for the magazine I was working on, followed by looking at the promotions that other magazines do to contrast and compare the competitions against other magazines.

I’m really excited for tomorrow, as today I was looking through my placement’s photo albums outside of work to select pictures of one editor as it’s her leaving do so we needed to collate pictures of her to send over to another editor so that he could make the card… I’m also excited to be able to go the leaving do party tomorrow, I always enjoy things like these cause you can get to know the people you work with a bit more out of the work zone 🙂

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