More Magazine Go Think Big Issue 8th April 2013


Land your dream job with the help of

Our team at Bauer have put their heads together with the experts at O2 to set up GoThinkBig, a campaign to help young people like you find the right job. So if you’re looking for your big break, head to – a one-stop shop that gives you helpful ideas, advice and much-needed support so you can figure out the right career path for you. Why? Because we know how tough it is out there. And to help us find out what you think, we hit the streets to ask how you prepare for an interview…

We took to the streets to find out…

Alice Holtham, 18, A fashion student from Chesire
‘You need to do your research. It’s also important to know what you want to get across – I do talk a lot! And practise keeping those pesky nerves at bay!  

Amie Shearer, 21, A creative executive at O2 London
‘I practice possible questions interview with my mum and make sure I have key examples of my skills and successes ready and up my sleeve to talk about.’

Rebecca French, 23, An illustrator from Milton Keynes
‘You need to know who you’re interviewing for, so do  your research. Look at their website, or buy their magazine if they have one. Don’t forget to stay calm either.’

Lizzie Rix, 21, A PR intern from Yorkshire
It’s important to look smart. I pick my outfit the night before, so I’m not rushing on the morning of the interview.’

Jen Marshall, 22, A designer at More! From St Albans
‘Stick to the brief of what you need to provide on the day, but try to go the extra mile. So if you need to present a portfolio do it in the company’s style.’

Rachel Toye, 24, A job Hunter from London
‘When Researching the company you’re interviewing for, do it properly – don’t make anything up! And ensure that your CV is relevant.’

Make sure that your CV is the best that it can be and sets you apart from your competition, and then put it out there. There’s plenty of websites to post your CV on to, such as and These sites normally have an app available as well, so you can stay on top of the most recent jobs posted when you’re on the go. And, as before, make sure you stay active within the social spaces, both to be seen and to stay on top of the most recent trends.’
Get more out of your technology by searching for ‘O2 Guru TV’.

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article  ’o2 Partnership Get your foot in the door’ in Issue 8th April 2013, I did not write this!)

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