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I’ve FINALLY published the last article from the last issue of More’s Magazine that I had collected and have written up all their tips that they offer us on how to make it in the career/work world. I would like to remind you that all tips taken from More Magazine have NOT BEEN WRITTEN BY ME nor have been re worded. I simply took the time to copy and write them up as I think they are useful for those trying to get into a working world. Again here is a reminder of what I wrote before I started to blog any of their articles…

I still haven’t bought my portfolio book so in the meantime I might as well start blogging the tips that More magazine gave us amateurs before I cut it up and start to compose my portfolio.

I would like to CLEARLY state that the tips from the More Magazine issues are NOT MINE! I have simply spent the time of writing them up as I thought they would be good tips to share! If you see Personal Opinion then that is me simply commenting my opinion on what the article advises.

Hope it helps


Rosa X

Remember to NOTICE that all of the More Magazine posts are under the More Magazine category. However in the More Magazine category, it is clearly stated in the category description that the information provided is from More and NOT me! At the bottom of every post, all credit goes to More Magazine, issue and article of where the information came from. Unfortunately More has now shut down, their Twitter and Facebook page is hyper-linked for you to check out but their Twitter page has not been updated since the 22nd April 2013, a week before their last issue! 

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