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Jeff Jarvis, he is a genius in the media world. I blogged about this on my lifestyle blog but I didn’t think it would have been relevant to discuss on my work experience diary. Now that I have decided to blog about my university modules which I am super excited to start I have decided to also include the media readings that I discover and have to do as homework. So if it does interests you be sure to check the new added categories out ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

During the summer holiday’s I went to university to starting prepping for my dissertation and once again took out ย the book, โ€˜Public Partsโ€™ By Jeff Jarvis. Although for me, his book of, โ€˜What would Google do?โ€™ would benefit me more when starting to write up my dissertation. I wanted to read this book regardless.

I started to read his book when I came across this quote, that I thought was worth sharingโ€ฆ

โ€˜A book, for example, is the public expression of private thoughts. We bring our private identities to our public acts โ€“ we decide in private where we stand on an issue, and making that public is what allows us to join with like thinkers, share our ideas, and organise action.โ€™

This quote can be applied to all of us whether we voicing our thoughts onto a blog, into a conversation, into an essay or on a book! It really makes you think how your own privacy can be made public within seconds of you sharing it.

I also followย @JeffJarvisย on Twitter and when thinking of digital media I immediately think of his name along with Marwick & Boyd who researched into Twitter as well.

Whatโ€™s even cooler is the picture below, I tweeted saying Iโ€™m finally reading his book and mentioned him in it, I did NOT expect a reply BUT he tweeted me back EEEKKKย :Dย !!


However if you too are a media fanatic like me and would like to read his book below is the linkโ€ฆ



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