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This year, I don’t know why but it feels like everything is going to be good:)! Although in my first lecture my teachers already gave us a sheet to fill in about our dissertation followed by a number of other things. I’m really excited for next week as that’s when hardcore studying will begin! My modules this year are amazing, I’m taking International Media, Media Business, Creative Industries & Professional Practice, Dissertation in Media and Cultural Studies & Masculinities, Media & Culture (I’m not as keen on this module as it was the only one I preferred to the other one left, although this may turn out to be a really good one, it’s not started yet so we will see…)

My favourite module has to be Creative Industries & Professional Practice the thing I love about this module is that we get to have CV workshops, we have to look for work experience and write everything we do onto a blog, the good thing is that I already have an advantage on this as I do it already so it will be interesting to see the improvements that I can make. We also have a major project to work on and to create our portfolio’s, the work load this year is going to be massive but I can’t wait to take it all on and tackle it bit by bit, I hope that when I graduate with all the experience & knowledge I will have gained from the last 3 years I will be employed straight away. I can’t wait to start making a name for myself and working hard towards an amazing career… 

Here’s to enjoying my last year of university & enjoying being lifeisfunbeingme 

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