Wednesday 27th November

This morning I woke up very excited to go to my placement  as I haven’t been there for a few months now, I love going to work I actually couldn’t wait to be back there…

Today consisted of typing up the competition entries, the PA left them ready for me to be able to type them up straight away as they were already counted and all the envelopes had been opened. This magazine is doing really well as their response rate constantly increases before they would receive just over 2000 entries, now risen to about 5000…  

I’m also taking a Media Business module at university where we are currently studying about organisational culture, put simply it means looking at the kind of atmosphere within an industry. I was thinking about the sort of organisational culture that I work in and I would say its the best! Personally because its friendly, everyone gets on with each other but everyone also works hard at their job and everyone knows their roles. At the end of it to me that’s the perfect recipe for success… working together in a team. 

It was nice to also catch up with everyone as I’ve not been in the office for a while to see how everyone was what they were working on and anyway 500 competition later its the end of the day and its time to go home 🙂

Oh and before I forget… 

The PA also asked me if I’m free and able to come in for a few extra days to package Christmas client gifts.  I only helped them do this last year but I expect its a tradition they do every year. However the PA was really impressed with the way I packaged up all the gifts this is thanks to my parents as they own a mail order company so I’ve picked up the skills from there from when I help them from time to time. Today it’s beneficial to be able to have many different skills, don’t get me wrong it’s good to be focused in one area but to also be able to expand from that… 

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