Tuesday 17th December

There’s not much to say about today as soon as I got in I hung my coat got myself a drink and began typing away those competition entries. As it’s almost Christmas I do try to leave the editors to what they have to get done as everyone who knows the editorial world will know how manic it is to finish January deadlines. However it was nice to have lunch with some of the editors and still be able to interact with them. 

Although I spend the whole of 8 hours typing up entries it can be quite dull and sometimes I can’t be bothered with it as I feel like I have so much potential inside me that this isn’t what I should be doing and my big break should be coming soon

 BUT (There’s always a but!)…

As boring as stacking away magazines or typing up 1000’s of entries can be, you learn so much just by being in an working environment, as I’ve said before use every opportunity you can when in a work placement. Do use my GOLDEN RULE! Simply by talking to editors and other employees in the kitchen I have learnt so much extra and some have even become my friends.

Some of my friends at my university do not have a placement like the one I have therefore lacking in experience I can’t express how vital it is to try and get the most that you can before your thrown into the working world. It so important to stick at it too because in the end it will be worthwhile think… 

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