Friday 20th December

Today was the day after the Christmas work party and I have to say I had such a good time it was nice to see work colleagues outside of the office environment as you can get to know editors and other colleagues that tiny bit more. Needless to say the office was very quiet today, I got in and carried on with typing up the entries one more day and I should be finished. 

I also went and spoke to one of the managers to see if I would be allowed to interview 2 people in the office for one of my essay’s. For this essay in order to pass we have to interview 2 people in the media industry which allows us to network and communicate with people within the industry. We also get to decide the title of our essay, I’m looking at how in the economy and jobs available to graduates today we might have to settle for something less than our dream job. I want to look at job positions such as a receptionist or a PA in a media industry and how it can allow you to learn skills that can be transferred to a job title of your choice. I want to state that I tried to be as careful as I could about wording what I am doing for this essay, I am not for one instance saying that a job such as a PA or a receptionist is not worthwhile its simply not the career that I want to do but if there is a position available in a media industry similar to a PA or a receptionist I would take it in order to be in an media environment to progress. 

I was very proud of myself that I actually went and spoke to one of the managers I remember when I first joined I was terrified of speaking to anyone from senior management. I also asked advice on how I should go about getting my name out there a bit more, the manager gave me some advice and showed a few websites that are useful to use, check out the Useful Links page for updates. 

Have a good weekend, see you on Monday. 

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